Belleek Classic Blarney Cottage LED Light

Belleek Classic Blarney Cottage LED Light

Faith and Begorra
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Handcrafted and hand-painted like the traditional Belleek design, this adorable light-up cottage is the perfect addition to any curio. It resembles Co. Cork's very own Blarney Cottage, with a touch of green on the door and the signature Belleek shamrocks painted on the front.

  • Battery Operated
  • Measures - 14cmL x 9.1cmW x 9.7cmH

Most traditional, old-style cottages have a half-door to keep the animals out, and the wagon wheels and milk barrels are common to the Irish farmyard essence. By including these features, Belleek crafters expertly convey the traditional style of the real Blarney Cottage onto this masterpiece.

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